Case Study: How We Helped Unifii Generate Over 210 B2B Leads from Affiliate Marketing

09 Nov 2023
Case Study: How We Helped Unifii Generate Over 210 B2B Leads from Affiliate Marketing

Unifii is a leading provider of ServiceNow solutions for businesses of all sizes. They came to us with a goal of generating more B2B leads through affiliate marketing. We were able to help them achieve this goal by implementing a comprehensive affiliate marketing strategy that included the following:

  • Recruiting high-quality affiliates
  • Creating and distributing effective marketing materials
  • Tracking and measuring results

Recruiting High-Quality Affiliates

The first step to a successful affiliate marketing program is to recruit high-quality affiliates. We did this by identifying websites and blogs that were relevant to Unifii's target audience. We then reached out to these websites and blogs and invited them to join our affiliate program.

We only accepted affiliates who had a good reputation and a track record of success. We also made sure that our affiliates were aligned with Unifii's values and mission.

Creating and Distributing Effective Marketing Materials

We created a variety of marketing materials for our affiliates to use, including:

  • Product banners and links
  • Blog posts and articles
  • Social media graphics
  • Email templates

We also provided our affiliates with training on how to use these materials effectively.

Tracking and Measuring Results

We tracked the results of our affiliate marketing program using a variety of metrics, including:

  • Number of leads generated
  • Cost per lead
  • Conversion rate

We used this data to identify which affiliates were performing well and which ones needed improvement.


Our affiliate marketing program was a huge success for Unifii. We were able to help them generate over 210 B2B leads in just four months. This resulted in a significant increase in Unifii's sales pipeline and revenue.


Affiliate marketing can be a powerful tool for generating B2B leads. However, it is important to have a well-defined strategy in place in order to be successful. By following the steps outlined in this case study, you can develop an affiliate marketing program that will help you achieve your business goals.

Here are some additional tips for success:

  • Choose the right affiliates for your business.
  • Provide your affiliates with the tools and resources they need to succeed.
  • Track and measure your results regularly.
  • Make adjustments to your strategy as needed.

With careful planning and execution, affiliate marketing can be a valuable addition to your marketing portfolio.


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