Webosaurus and the Digital Innovation Group Join Forces!

08 Feb 2024
Webosaurus and the Digital Innovation Group Join Forces

Exciting news! Today, we’re thrilled to announce a collaborative effort between Webosaurus and the Digital Innovation Group that they are rolling out to their B2B clients including NTT. This powerful partnership brings together leading experts in the performance marketing space to revolutionise the B2B lead generation, attribution and analytics arena.

Webosaurus, a renowned expert in the marketing technology space, brings its cutting-edge Webolytics technology to the table. Their innovative solutions will be vital in streamlining the complex web analytics ecosystems and attribution challenges.

The Digital Innovation Group, a prominent organisation in the performance marketing space, rounds out the team with their deep expertise in B2B marketing and the processes organisations need to run successful always-on performance marketing. Their insights into the importance of how multi-touch attribution drives channel accountability and ultimately success are key.

This collaboration promises to deliver innovation in the data analytics and attribution sector. By combining the strengths of each partner, we will be able to demonstrate the importance of deep data insights in the fragmented B2B sector.

We are confident that this joint effort will lead to groundbreaking advancements in the B2B lead generation space and benefit all stakeholders. Stay tuned for further updates as we progress on this exciting journey!


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