Webolytics Launches System Taxonomies

23 Oct 2023
Webolytics Launches System Taxonomies

Webolytics' System Taxonomies is a powerful feature that allows you to create custom categories for your vendors, campaigns, forms, and published statuses. This can be extremely helpful for organising your data and generating more granular insights.

To create a taxonomy, simply go to the System Taxonomies page and click the "Create New Taxonomy" button. Then, give your taxonomy a name and select the type of data you want to categorise. You can then create as many categories and sub-categories as you need.

Once you've created your taxonomy, you can start assigning it to your data. To do this, go to the Vendors, Campaigns, Forms, or Published Statuses page and click the "Edit" button next to the item you want to categorise. Then, scroll down to the "System Taxonomies" section and select the taxonomy you want to use.

You can assign multiple taxonomies to a single item, and you can also change the order of the taxonomies that are displayed. This gives you a lot of flexibility in how you organise your data.

Once you've assigned taxonomies to your data, you can start using them to generate more granular insights. For example, you could create a report that shows the performance of your campaigns by region or industry. Or, you could create a report that shows the most popular forms among your different customer segments.

Webolytics' System Taxonomies is a powerful tool that can help you get more out of your data. By taking the time to create custom taxonomies, you can make your data more organised and easier to analyse.

Here are some additional benefits of using Webolytics' System Taxonomies:

  • Improved data organisation: Taxonomies can help you organise your data in a way that makes it more logical and easier to understand. This can be especially helpful for complex datasets.
  • Enhanced data analysis: Taxonomies can help you generate more granular insights from your data. For example, you could use taxonomies to segment your customers or track the performance of your campaigns over time.
  • Increased data transparency: Taxonomies can help you make your data more transparent to stakeholders. By clearly defining the categories in your taxonomies, you can ensure that everyone is using the same terminology and interpreting the data in the same way.

Overall, Webolytics' System Taxonomies is a valuable tool that can help you improve your data organisation, analysis, and transparency.


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