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VG & Partners'


The Brief

VG & Partners required a new company website to launch themselves as a new company.

We were tasked with creating a brand that was representative of their values, and the sector that they specialise in (Canadain Migration Employment Specialists).


Being a totally new brand, there was no prior exposure, so we needed understand VG & Partner’s sector thoroughly to enable us to curate content which is relevant to their business, and their audience.


We ensured that the front end integrated seamlessly with their back office CRM to allow for onboarding and management of application histories.

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VGP Website Rebrand 1
VGP Website Rebrand 1

Website Specifications


VGP Logo on white
VGP logo on dark


VGP Typography 1
VGP Typography 2

Colour Pallet

HEX : #5ebfba
RGB : 94,191,86
CMYK : 62,0,32,0
HEX : #ca78b0
RGB : 202,120,176
CMYK : 21,62,0,0
HEX : #9daac6
RGB : 157,170,198
CMYK : 40,27,8,0
HEX : #b9dddb
RGB : 185,221,219
CMYK : 30,0,15,0
HEX : #cadaad
RGB : 202,218,173
CMYK : 24,2,42,0
HEX : #e2d7ba
RGB : 226,215,186
CMYK : 10,12,30,0

Integrated Solution

We delivered a solution for VG & Partners which provides front end functionality, with back-end operations and procedures.

All data submitted to VG & Partnes is collated and stored in the CRM, and assigned to relevant employees via intelligent lead distributions modules.

Bespoke Development

VG & Partner's website had to be lightweight and user friendly, without lead generation and accessibility.

Wireframe and design

Given the the concise nature of VG & Partners' business, we could accommodate multiple funnels, which submit through to a only a few data points.

This allows for a lot of bespoke messaging for consumers with a clean CRM for employees to access.

VGP Website rebrand angled monitor
VGP Website rebrand angled monitor

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