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The Brief

PhillipCapital UK required a new company website, that reflected the new direction that the company were moving too, from retail customers to institutional financial clients.

As a member of the PhillipCapital Group of Companies PhillipCapital UK has the backing of an integrated financial house with 15 offices including Singapore, Chicago, Hong Kong and more than 5000 employees worldwide.


In addition to PhillipCapital UK's history, we also needed be sympathetic to the Groups brang guidelines and incorperate key colours and logos into the website.

Despite being a long-established company, the team needed to reposition themselves as a service-focused broker which specialised in managing institutional financial clients.


Technology changes fast and keeps on improving. The financial sector is no exception.

We ensured that the front end integrated seamlessly with their back office CRM, and also their trading platforms to allow for onboarding of new clients and also rendering of financial data and information to their client portal.

PhillipCapital UK ceased operating in May 2022.

PCUK Website Rebrand 1
PCUK Website Rebrand 1

Website Specifications


PCUK Logo on white
PCUK Logo on dark


PCUK Typography 1
PCUK Typography 2

Colour Pallet

HEX : #003553
RGB : 0,53,83
CMYK : 100,71,38,24
HEX : #f78e1e
RGB : 247,142,30
CMYK : 0,43,95,0
HEX : #007bff
RGB : 0,123,255
CMYK : 73,39,0,0
HEX : #ffffff
RGB : 255,255,255
CMYK : 0,0,0,0
HEX : #000000
RGB : 0,0,0
CMYK : 75,68,67,90

High-end Trading

We created a product we are proud of: a website that takes the best of institutional financial services services with an entirely unique, service-driven advantage.

Bespoke Developlent

PhillipCapital UK's website had to be lightweight and user friendly, without compromising advanced tools and functionalities.

These included search, Live Pricing, Membership and Signup, account funding and deposits, as well as integration into a financial CRM.

Wireframe and design

Given the unique nature of the brief we could not create a single user journey.

To do this, we created two alternative wireframe designs, one for direct B2B customers, and one for High-net-worth traders on behalf of PhillipCapital UK.

PCUK Website Rebrand Angled Monitor
PCUK Website Rebrand Angled Monitor

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