Webolytics is the next-generation tracking solution for all areas of online marketing activity.

The future is a self-driving car and Webolytics is already in that space. It can intelligently drive your business processes, alert you if things are going off track, forecast the future and make sure you never get lost. The platform lets the users focus on their clients while taking care of the details behind the scenes. It also update itself every time someone in a company interacts with a client, saving time and building confidence to “know” what’s going on.

Global Performance Martech

While most solutions are built to sell widgets, in the current digital landscape, services require a more consultative, relationship approach. Webolytics is built just for these kinds of sales. It makes it easy to manage a high-value relationship, not an order form. The system’s lead tracking provides the step-by-step process needed to understand where a lead stands at every stage of the sales process. Custom lead statuses bring a high-level view of the health of a pipeline, allowing sales teams to simultaneously hone in their qualification process.

Webolytics also offers a new level of granularity through automatic communication tracking. Each layer of the platform’s Lead Tracking solutions aim to optimize the quality of leads coming in so that sales users can drive them forward with greater efficiency. Create customized lead capture forms easily. No coding, no fuss, just easy custom fields to tailor a lead capture form and make it effective. It also provides real-time notifications as soon as a web form is filled out because everything is tracked.


Native Integration

Admins can easily ensure that Webolytics is in line with a companies’ business processes and workflows by easily configuring a series of key steps or milestones. By automatically tracking all customer journeys autonomously, users and admins can have download and import, or integrate client information into their own CRM easily and efficiently. Depending on the privileges that have been assigned to a user they can access all client-related communication at any time. Additionally, users can segment leads into a variety of custom statuses or segments. Each group can inherit specific method of communication from their own in-house operations. With customers organised this way companies can easily follow up by segmented groups.

Real Time Data

Webolytics delivers real-time, searchable data across everything in the portal through one simple, powerful search box. Users can log all client touch points, emails, and history automatically and take the pain out of keeping track of client communication. It makes it easy to view and manage current and past commercial history that companies have with their customers. By intelligently indexing conversions, you have access to all customer interactions as they relate to a sale, project, issue or any other vertical that has been defined. This makes it easy for teams to stay updated on all customer-related conversations.

In short, Webolytics makes lead management easy.

Webolytics is designed to help companies understand how many leads they have, where the leads came from, what is their status and what it takes to convert them into a paying customer.

We care about user experience.

Mobile and web all with the same system. Our API lets you deliver your data or content with the click of a button. Mobile, web and any other platform you can imagine can receive your content as soon as you publish it.

Here are some of the features that make Webolytics so special:

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  • Life-time ROI of customers. Plot the true ROI, plus ad spend used to acquire any customer in real time.
  • Track post-sales and pre-sales funnels. Plot every touch point, from click to lead, to sale, and then any up-sell that happens thereafter.
  • Manage flexible data acquisition models. There are no pre-defined models. You create the model yourself.
  • Uncluttered UI. Tested to achieve the best results, it offers simple and intuitive user interface.
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