Webosaurus CRM

Webosaurus CRM is a Financial Customer Acquisition Platform designed to plug in with leading trading platforms, to deliver your trading data in realtime. It also dramatically improves lead quality, saving your team valuable time through automated integration with your Trading platform and marketing automation. With Webosaurus CRM you can route leads in realtime to your trading platform, sales teams, marketing automation or even call centre at once.

Here are some of the features of Webosaurus CRM:


Real Time Trading Data.

Monitor and enable your customers to monitor their accounts in real time from a trading portal.

Core Channel Reporting.

You can report on your campaigns based on the core channels such as search, social, display or email as you see the results they generate.

Campaign Optimisation.

See how your marketing activity is performing at a granular level. You can track publisher, site or data provider performance, which in turn will help you to optimise your campaigns in realtime to give maximum activity performance.

Campaign Segmentation

Control your complete inventory, from one location.

Plug in any lead generation activity.

CPL campaigns, email, search, social, display or content marketing.

Intelligent Filtering.

Receive your leads in realtime as they’re generated, correct or flag bad data and auto format your lead delivery. Invalid leads can be flagged, while valid leads can be sent to your marketing automation.
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