Education is one of the most fragmented sector in the world. We are passionate about transforming the student acquisition space using global performance network and conversion tracking platform. As the most expensive cost for any education provider is student acquisition, we have mapped the complete user journey from first engagement to final enrolment to achieve incredible advertising efficiencies.

Case Studies


e-Careers are an industry leader in the delivery of professional qualifications through flexible learning methods. Webosaurus was tasked to evaluate complete business strategy and establish a comprehensive go-to-market digital strategy to procure high quality leads that result in enrolments. From strategic consultancy to campaign execution, we helped the business to grow their turnover 3X in just matter of less than 18 months.

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Sussex Coast College Hastings

Sussex coast wanted to promote government funded online courses. They wanted high quality leads for their sales team to convert leads to enrolments. End to end online lead generation to drive enrolments.

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Kaplan is one of the best brands in the education sector which offers range of online qualifications. They were looking to expand their postgraduate campaign across hard to reach territories like Middle East & Asia Pacific. Webosaurus creates a custom affiliate network for Kaplan to drive online leads for their MBA & PG programmes on a pureplay performance basis. Complete lead generation strategy to drive leads and enrolments.

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Diet Specialist

Diet specialist is a leading AfN certified nutrition course training provider. They wanted to expand their reach and explore the paid search ecosystems to drive education leads and also online course sale. Webosaurus was tasked to completely ramp their existing site and create a cool hybrid site which catered to both lead generation & ecommerce. UI/UX played an important role for this project, we were proud to deliver a hybrid microsite concept.

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