It’s that time of year again! Christmas is one of the single most important time of the year to nail your strategy with online shoppers in the UK spending over £2 billion during the Christmas period. Try our “5 Christmas marketing tips” to guarantee yourself a piece of the Christmas-spend pie.

1) Nail the basics

Having an amazing Christmas marketing campaign is all well and good, however if you don’t have the basics of your campaigns in order then you’re unlikely to see great success. Are you operating on the correct channels? Are your marketing materials optimised for conversion? Are your current campaigns being run efficiently? If you can’t answer these questions, then they need addressing before the addition of some Christmas cheer. Not sure what to look for? Webosaurus offers free marketing audits to push you in the right direction, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

2) Get Creative with Christmas

Christmas is never hidden away in marketing, frankly it’s the opposite. The annual suspense of “Who has the best Christmas advert?” or “Who has the best Christmas range?” and even “Who has the best Christmas discounts?” is one that you can take advantage and are massively missing a trick if you don’t.

Add some snow, or maybe hide a Santa on your page? Anything that adds that little bit of Christmas magic will boost your interactions.

3) Don’t get TOO creative with Christmas

Ok, I know we just said to get creative, but there’s always a limit (Like Christmas lights). A little bit of snow here and some animated lights there is nice, however if your website or landing page becomes the digital version of Santa’s grotto, it’s likely to find its way onto Santa’s naughty list.

4) Technology is your friend

Adjusting your digital marketing campaigns can always be a bit tricky; “How do I know if the changes are making a big difference or if it’s something else?” is a question that often gets raised when tweaks are made. A sprinkling of the Christmas magic to your normal lead generation tactics can make noticeable differences that are even easier to spot when using a state-of-the-art tracking platform like Webolytics. What’s more, if your campaign is running through Webonet, you get Webolytics access COMPLETELY free.

5) Keep it simple

Why are you running a Christmas campaign? To increase sales, right? Then hide your Christmas deal in plain sight. You don’t need to scream about it, but let your potential customer know that it’s an exclusive festive deal that will only come once a year; demand drives the sale.

There you have it! 5 quick tips to make your marketing campaigns sparkle this Christmas. And don’t forget, Webosaurus offers free marketing audits to push you in the right direction, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us on our hotline on 077 933 66056.