Get an in depth Look at how to manage, edit and create Forms for Salesforce.

To set your form up for sales force, all you need to do is add the Salesforce capture module and any required hidden fields.

Connect your salesforce using your salesforce authentication link.

In the form group section (stage 1 in this case) add a new row and name it “hidden Fields” this new row will contain the hidden fields required by Salesforce, which will be mapped to the accordance of what Salesforce requires.

You now need to map your form to Salesforce by clicking the edit button on the module. Add the form values that link to your form. your available values will be populated from Salesforce.

You will also need to assign the hidden fields to their correct maps, you can do this by selecting them from the list that is on the Salesforce Form content Map section.


After your done mapping scroll down and select update then you`re done.

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