We hope you’re having a great time at the CMO Focus Summit, from all of us at Webosaurus.

Rules are made to be broken, and developing custom solutions for every situation is in our nature.

The Problem

Facebook allows you to target your marketing efforts to within a mile radius of a specific location, or alternatively you can use postcodes to target within specific areas – although not all postcodes in the UK match.

But can you target a specific building, if say a conference or an event happened to be in that very building…? Is it possible? If you’re reading this article, and are attending the CMO Focus Summit at Whittlebury Hall it is.

Facebook would tell you no, in fact 99% of marketers would probably tell you no. We beg to differ.

The Solution

Exclusions are a great tool for location targeting, especially across borders of countries where different rules may apply, or even different cities and catchment areas, but we’re using the exclusion tool slightly differently today. This is what your traditional exclusion might look like:

Facebook Location Targeting - Webosaurus

Here is ours:

A slight change in the usual set up, but this allows us to take a much more laser targeted and efficient approach in reaching those that matter. A meticulous approach we take in all of our of work to ensure your budget is spent as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Solutions for Success

Webosaurus is pleased to pioneer a new era of results-based advertising. A full-service performance-based marketing agency, taking all the heavy lifting, from tech and data integrations, digital marketing, creative, web development and tracking & analytics – so you can focus on what counts, growing your business and delivering excellent service to your customers and clients.

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